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Bobbin Lacemaking

 Author: Doris Southard  Category: Brussels, Bucks  Publisher: Scribner  Published: 01/01/1977  ISBN: 978-0684150321

Bobbin or pillow lace is a very old art which has almost died out except for a few regions of Europe, where lacemakers still carry on a small cottage industry or simply work for their own pleasure. Its decline due to the invention of lacemaking machines and a change in fashions, but now, like so many handcrafts, it is having a revival.

Although it looks difficult, it is really easy to learn and relaxing to do. Furthermore, it does not require expensive equipment- just a pillow, bobbins, and pins to hold the interlacing threads in place as the lacemaker follows the pattern.

The instructions in this book are clear, fully illustrated, and quite practical for a beginner. The lessons progress from simple to more advanced as the reader gains practice and confidence.