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Crochet Beaded Centrepiece

This amazing beaded centrepiece was worked by Liz Foat

The pattern came from an old Crochet Monthly magazine.

The finished piece  is approx. 7 ins (17 cms) in diameter.

Materials  used approx. 10 gr. No 80 crochet cotton.  Liz used white for this piece.  Other materials were

  • 60mm Steel crochet hook.
  • 474 sml blue beads
  • 414 sml yellow beads
  • 27 lg blue beads
  • 27 pearl tear drop shaped beads.

All 942 beads have to be threaded onto the crochet cotton before starting the work.

As the hook did not go through the small gold beads Liz  used this method.



Hardanger Sissor Keep Mini Workshop

Novembers Mini Workship was a cute little piece of hardanger which could be fashioned into a sissor keep.

The pattern called for 22 count hardanger (oslo),  number 5 or 8 pearl cotton and number 22 or 24 tapestry neadles.  With their gridded fabric in hand the attendees were quickly stiching away.

I am hoping to see the finished product at next months Brisbane meeting.


Many thanks to our tutor for the day,  Liz

If you have an idea for a mini workshop you would like to teach or attend in 2017 please let us know. Contact us with your suggestions via our contact form .

Idrija Flower Mini Workshop

Octobers’s mini workshop was a  small flower in Idrija bobbin lace.

Alice Skenner who had recently attended the OIDFA congress in Europe was our tutor for the day.

The class required the usually bobbin lace equipment (sizzors, pins, small pillow) plus 8 pairs of bobbins suitable for Sew ins, a small crochet hook and size 40 cotton.

Our challenge was to complete only the very centre of the flower pattern and it seemed simple enough but there were a few interesting techniques to be learnt.

Below are a few pictures as we get started. The featured image is Alice’s beautiful completed flower centre.

img_0563 img_0567


Celebrating 20 Years of lace volunteering

Queensland Lace guild member Madge McLennan has been co-ordinating the Ipswich group meetings of Queensland Lace Guild for over 20 years.

Below are a collection of photographs from the open day which by all reports was greeted with lots of enthusiasm.

Thanks for all the hard work Madge and here’s to many more years of lace making

For more details on the Ipswich group please see the locations page.