Qld Lace Mission

Welcome to the Queensland Lace Guild

Our aim is to promote lacemaking as a craft through-out Queensland.

Queensland Lace Guild is a branch of the Australian Lace Guild. For more information on the Australian lace guild  click HERE 

There are very many different types of lace and within each type of lace many different styles. Some of the types and styles of lace include:

  • Bobbin Lace including continuous, sectioned and part laces
  • Embroidered Lace including cutwork, pulled fabrix and drawn threadwork
  • Needle made Lace including buttonholed, needle woven laces and knotted needle lace
  • Knotted Lace including netted lace, macrame and tatting
  • Knitted Lace including had knitted, hand controlled and mechanical machine made
  • Crocheted Lace including simple, filet, irish and hairpin
  • Woven Lace including hand loomed and power loomed
  • Contemporary Lace

Our members are always happy to share their knowledge. We have meetings in many locations across Queensland. For a meeting near you,  check out our Queensland Meeting Locations page.

We also have a large library of materials which are available for members to borrow. For more information on borrowing from our Library see the Library Page.