LACE: A Space Odyssey

In a Celebration of Creativity, ‘Lace: A Space Odyssey’, where everything comes from nothing with a twist (I’m sure Kurt Vonnegut wasn’t thinking of lace when he was philosophising about mathematics and the universe), represents the coming together of Caloundra Arts Centre Association and the Queensland Lace Guild in a unique display of contemporary and traditional laces, complemented with artisan and art works from the groups that make up the CACA community.

The title of the exhibition plays off the movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and hence the outer space themed room came into being including our very own lace astronaut overseeing man’s footprint in space and exploration of the universe.

Highlights and showstoppers were:

  • ‘E.T.’ made by Meria Atkins from chicken wire and tea bags
  • The ‘Emu in the Sky’ constellation made by the Fraser Coast Lacemakers
  • Plastic lace enhancing the entrance and ceilings was made by Mary Barron with waste plastic; and
  • The fantastic ‘Tree of Knowledge’ made by CACA’s Hard Pressed printers.

Viewers were encouraged to think about the construction of knowledge, learn about ‘The Drake Equation’ (tatted for the display) and the history of ‘FOO’.

All forms of Lace were on display along with items from pottery, tapestry, textiles, spinners and weavers, quilts, art works, scrapping, yarning, machine embroidery, machine lace and hand made figures.

Music by CACA Phonics group added to the perfect setting in the courtyard where live demonstrations of lace making and ‘have a go’ pillows were set out for anyone to try.  

A fun and entertaining 4 days designed to show off what can be achieved with lace and the creativity of the groups at CACA.

My gratitude and thanks go to the team that made this happen (they know who they are!).

Caloundra Lacemakers